What Edible Dried Flowers do you have available to purchase?

Our supplies are limited as not everything flowers year-round. We hope to in future offer more and more edibles as we grow as a business, please feel free to suggest your ideas to us, we would love to hear from you. Some of our current mixes are as follows:  Calendula - Chamomile - Chive flowers - Clover Blossom- Cornflower- Elder flower - Geranium - Lavender - Marigold - Nasturtium - Pansy - Pea - Rose  - Snapdragon- Sunflower - Viola

Not all these feature in their own collection, most are combined in our Botanical Blend. Our product range is as follows- Calendula Blend, Rose Petal Blend, Rose Bud Blend and Botanical Blend. Please contact us directly if you have a specific request.  

Are your Dried Flowers all edible?

All our flower petals are edible. Be sure to trim any leftover stems off to ensure what you are serving is edible, sometimes we will have the whole flower including the heads in our mixes for baking/cake decorations or to look stunning when displayed on a platter, just remember to remove these prior to eating/ serving. Our dried flowers will have a bit more of a crunch to them compared to fresh edibles, but we like this.

 Do you do custom requests for your Edible Dried Flowers?

We can cater for custom requests if you have a specific client’s theme or design you want to bring to life and need certain colors, but please be reminded that everything we have is seasonal and if there is nothing available it may be a bit difficult to fulfill. We want to make everything you do look amazing, so please do ask.


How long will my Edible Dried Flowers last?

Our dried edible flowers remain vibrant for up to 1 year. Please store in a cool dry place in a sealed jar for best conditions. You need to keep them out of direct sunlight to maintain the vibrancy of their colors. You will have a best before date on your product so please refer to this as each batch is handpicked and harvested on different days. 


Do you have a minimum order?

We have no minimum order. We also don’t currently have the capabilities for wholesale/ very large requests in 2019. Our jars are packed full of petals and actually go quite a long way in terms of decorations.


 Are your Edible Dried Flowers Organic?

Our flowers are grown with Organic methods but are not currently Certified organic. This means we grow our flowers naturally. No insecticides or pesticides or nasty sprays are used on the flowers. We will only use certified organic fertilizers/ sprays when and if needed. 


What are your views on sustainability/ eco friendly operations within? 

We  aim to be as sustainable as possible and operate with minimal footprint, with re using our own saved seeds from years prior to ensure we get the best and brightest flowers, we create and use our own compost on our farm in the garden beds & rain water is collected and used to water our gardens. No flowers are packaged or sent in plastic. Our courier bags are home compostable, and reusable if desired. Flowers are stored and packaged in glass jars which we encourage you to reuse.

Our courier labels are something we will be working on to get a eco friendly alternative with companies we work with in the coming years. 

Please let us know if you have any questions surrounding this.